Sunday, May 27, 2012

What does a literacy rich classroom look like?

Start planning now for the upcoming school year! Below you will find useful information on what a literacy rich classroom should look like.

A well-organized, positive learning environment includes:
•    A sense of order (schedule, management, tone) (sample
#1   #2)
•    Room is well organized, nurturing, & supports learning  (sample )
•    Room is free of clutter
•    Room reflects teacher’s personal style
•    Procedures are established & students follow them routinely without need for
      repetition (sample 
#1    #2 )
•    Appropriate guidelines are in place, which enables students to engage in real learning   
      through inquiry
•    Smooth transitions are evident
•    Materials are organized, labeled, & easily accessible to students (sample
•    Student seating supports interaction & cooperative learning activities
•    Perceptive teachers listen attentively to students, observe learning styles, teach to
      needs, & incorporate strategies to increase learning
•    Provides print-rich environment which includes:
o    Labeling (samples #1 #2 )
o    Concept charts (samples
#1 #2 #3 )
o    Definition charts (samples
#1 #2 )
o    6+1 Traits posters (
posters )
o    Comprehension posters (
posters )
•    Provides opportunities for authentic literacy practice rather than worksheets
•    Displays student writing (on walls, in class books, etc.) (samples
#1    #2    )
•    Creates a classroom library that consists of narrative and informational texts in a wide variety  
      of genres, that are appropriately leveled for independent reading (samples #1    #2   #3 )
•    Provides literacy centers or independent study literacy materials (samples 
#1   #2  #3   #4  )
•    Provides writing areas (samples
#1   #2 )
•    Posts Word Walls that are focused on literacy including content words (samples
#1    #2 )
(#3    #4)


Writing Resources

All of your writing needs by the click of a button.  See below.

Format for Writer's Workshop download here.

Writing Terms Glossary can be found here.

Reading Necessities for Planning

For your lesson planning needs, please use the downloads below...

Common Core Task Cards 
First Grade

NGSSS Task Cards
FCAT Task Cards

Webb's Depth of Knowledge
Webb's Depth of Knowledge-Reading

Reading Instructional Block Sample
Download Here

FCAT Reading Glossary
Download Here

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lesson Planning Necessities

For your lesson planning needs, please use the downloads below...

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Common Core Standards

K-5 Math Vocabulary Word List

5E Science Lesson Plan Templates

It is strongly recommended that Science teachers utilize the 5E method of planning. Click the links below to download two different lesson plan templates for you to use that fit this model.

5E Lesson Plan Template

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Science Journal Templates

Science teachers,

Mrs. White created templates that you can use for your interactive science journals. Templates were created for both primary and intermediate journals. Feel free to download the documents and make any suggestions as to how we can improve this great resource for Bel-Aire.

Download Primary Template Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Download Intermediate Template Third-Fifth Grade